Intellectual Property & Technology

Intellectual property includes trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. Crowley Fleck attorneys have a wide range of experience helping clients to protect and maximize the value of their intellectual property and technology, as well as assisting clients in purchasing or licensing technology from third parties.

Intellectual Property & Technology – Commercial

Crowley Fleck attorneys are experienced in handling a wide range of commercial matters involving intellectual property and technology, including:

  • software licenses;
  • trademark and copyright registration;
  • non-compete and nondisclosure agreements;
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud computing;
  • mobile technology and apps;
  • Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR);
  • Internet of Things (IoT);
  • drones;
  • fiber and wireless;
  • patent licenses;
  • trademark or merchandise licenses;
  • website terms and conditions;
  • distributorship and franchise agreements;
  • publishing and talent contracts;
  • privacy law; and
  • development agreements for software, websites or other technology.

Crowley Fleck attorneys assist clients in protecting their trade secrets and other confidential information through the use of appropriate nondisclosure agreements, employee manuals/policies, and employment/independent contractor agreements (including customer non-solicitation provisions).

Intellectual Property & Technology – Litigation

Crowley Fleck’s Intellectual Property and Technology Group has extensive experience representing clients in a variety of matters involving intellectual property and technology issues. Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted and defended matters involving allegations of:

  • patent infringement,
  • misappropriation of trade secrets,
  • trademark infringement,
  • software counterfeiting,
  • copyright infringement,
  • breach of covenants not to compete,
  • Internet domain name cybersquatting, and
  • breach of technology licenses.

We are prepared to try any intellectual property or technology case to a verdict, but we also help our clients evaluate alternatives that may lead to resolution of disputes more efficiently, within the context of the client’s overall business goals and objectives.