Diversity & Inclusion

Our Commitment to an Inclusive Workplace

At Crowley Fleck, diversity and inclusion are as indispensable to our enduring prosperity as the industry-leading legal services we provide. A diverse and inclusive community of professionals at all levels fortifies our collective strength and fosters a vibrant array of perspectives, resulting in superior outcomes for our clients and a culture of collaboration and respect within our firm.

We recognize that “diversity” isn’t narrowly defined. Instead, it encompasses a broad spectrum of life experiences and characteristics, from race, religion, and gender to age, ability, and individual backgrounds. “Inclusion” is enshrined in our firm culture, which encourages open-mindedness, diverse thought, and respectful dialogue. We are resolute in our dedication to providing an inclusive, respectful environment where each individual’s unique strengths amplify our collective success.

Crowley Fleck remains steadfast in our commitment to fostering a culture that recognizes, appreciates, and incorporates the distinctive talents of each individual. Through a welcoming atmosphere of respect and collaboration, we deliver the highest level of service to our clients and foster a culture that instills pride in our firm. This approach creates opportunities to flourish for both our clients and the individuals who make up the firm.

To solidify this commitment, our Diversity and Inclusion Committee worked with the Executive Committee to craft a Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan to guide us in pursuit of these objectives. Together, we pledge to champion these values as we build a stronger, more inclusive, and successful future for all.