Butte, together with its consolidated county of Silver Bow, is located high in the Rockies of southwestern Montana where it straddles the Continental Divide. A copper boomtown, Butte was once one of the largest cities west of the Mississippi. Often called “the richest hill on earth,” Butte’s mining heritage shaped its history and culture, and copper mining is still ongoing today. Butte attracted thousands of immigrants, primarily from Ireland but from around the world, and they added several popular foods to Montana’s culture. With its over 5,000 contributing properties, uptown Butte’s historic district is the largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States. Butte hosts several nationally known events, such as its St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the Montana Folk Festival, the An Ri Ra Irish festival, and Evel Knievel Days. Home to Montana Tech, a college renowned nationally and internationally for its engineering programs. Butte is also home to several prominent Montana companies/employers, including NorthWestern Energy and Town Pump.

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