Crowley Fleck’s main office is located in Billings, Montana, where the firm was founded in 1895. Often called “the Magic City” because of its rapid growth after its founding as a railroad town in 1882, Billings is now home to almost 106,000 people making it the largest city in Montana. Located in the south central part of the state, Billings has a unique topography formed by the 300-500 foot high sandstone cliffs, called the Rimrocks, on three sides and the Yellowstone River to the south. Due to its proximity to the Bakken oil fields, the largest oil discovery in U.S. history, Billings is experiencing rapid growth and a strong economy. It is the retail destination for one of the largest trade areas in the nation and has excellent medical facilities including two Level II trauma hospitals. Perhaps the city’s most famous visitors were Lewis and Clark in 1806, but with the most hotel accommodations within a five-state region, Billings welcomes thousands of guests every year to numerous concerts, conventions, and sporting events, many hosted by Montana State University Billings and Rocky Mountain College.

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