Crowley Fleck attorneys work hard to win our cases at trial. Firm attorneys work just as hard to maintain those victories on appeal. To accomplish this objective, our firm employs attorneys who specialize in appellate practice because effective appellate advocacy requires a distinct set of skills and knowledge about the appellate process. Our attorneys have argued and won cases at every appellate level, including the United States Supreme Court and all appellate courts in our region.

Our firm believes the best way to win on appeal is to be able to explain simply and succinctly why our client’s case is important and why our view of the law is correct. To accomplish these goals and be as efficient for our clients as possible, Crowley Fleck appellate lawyers work seamlessly with the attorneys who developed the case at trial, whether that be attorneys within our own firm or attorneys from outside firms.

Our appellate team often begins its work while the case is still at the trial court, coordinating with trial counsel to formulate a winning strategy that will have the best chance of being upheld on appeal.

Crowley Fleck’s appellate team can also help:

  • Draft dispositive motions that simplify issues at trial or even obtain dismissal before trial;
  • Advise on preserving trial error so that our clients have the best chance of getting adverse decisions reversed;
  • Help draft jury instructions that are designed to withstand appeal;
  • Review case strategy and legal claims to give a fresh perspective on the issues;
  • Advise on whether to appeal an adverse decision;
  • Draft amicus briefs for clients whose interests are implicated in important cases.

In all our appellate work, our attorneys capitalize on the firm’s diverse expertise and experience to present the best possible case for our clients.