Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy

Our Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy practice group attorneys provide our clients with the most effective up-to-date representation in creditors’ rights and bankruptcy law.

Our attorneys handles a full range of creditors’ rights work, including judicial and non-judicial foreclosures of real property, self-help remedies under the Uniform Commercial Code, workouts and loan restructures, and creditors’ rights in bankruptcy. We have the experience and resources to handle creditor claims in bankruptcy and receiverships and reorganization projects of any size and complexity and are efficient, pragmatic, and result-driven in our approach to handling credit problems.


We maintain an active creditor-focused bankruptcy practice in Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming. Our experience and resources permit us to handle the full range of creditors’ rights issues that may arise in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings of any size and complexity.


We represent local, state-wide and national clients in commercial and consumer collection matters in federal, state, and Tribal courts in our region.

Debt Restructuring and Workouts

Our attorneys advise our creditor clients in loan workouts and restructurings. We have handled matters involving distressed real estate, including high-end planned community development projects, hotels, commercial office buildings, industrial facilities, restaurants, shopping centers, apartment projects, farm and ranch property, and undeveloped land.

Personal Property Foreclosures, Claim and Delivery, Replevin, and Injunctive Remedies

We represent our creditor clients in litigation and non-judicial proceedings involving personal property and related matters, including enforcement of rights under the Uniform Commercial Code, recovery of collateral under claim and delivery and replevin proceedings, liquidation and foreclosure proceedings, and executions and attachments.

Real Property Foreclosures & Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Our attorneys represent clients in real estate litigation and related matters, including landlord-tenant disputes, and judicial and non-judicial foreclosures of mortgages, deeds of trust, and contracts for deed.

Commercial Loan Transactions

We assist lenders (and occasionally borrowers) in documenting commercial, real estate and natural resources loans of all kinds, and we render legal opinion as to the validity and enforceability of loan documents and perfection of security interests under the Uniform Commercial Code and state law governing mortgages and deeds of trust.